The Forgotten Furry Friend…

Happier than anyone could ever be,

Belly-up, your eyes were filled with glee,

Wagging your tail, enjoying the sun,

Knowing not how many hearts you’d won…

You remained unperturbed when someone picked you up,

With charms irresistible, you were the endearing little pup!


Nature, however, envied your carefree happiness,

And summoned skies to embrace darkness,

Clouds turned heavy, temperatures dropped fast,

The sun went away, skies became overcast,

Drops of water fell down & you ran helter-skelter,

Even hugs from your siblings made you feel no better!


To escape nature’s wrath & its watery deluge,

Under a stationary car, you sought refuge.

Triumphant, as you had grappled the bad weather,

With your siblings again, you were back to playing together.

Under the motionless car, your own beautiful world you did create,

But who would have imagined the cruel twist of fate!


The engine of the motionless car deviously came to life,

Running you over, as you breathed your last amid moments of strife,

The blood-stained wheels of the monster didn’t even halt,

Speeding away, not even realizing its irreparable fault!

Your once safe haven had turned into an abattoir,

Giving you no time to even bid an ‘Au revoir’!


When the storm settled down, and sun came up,

They returned, aimlessly searching for the happy little pup.

Unable to see you or understand your siblings’ grief,

Their search was limited, and their concern remained brief,

Thinking you’d have left, or maybe grown up,

Gradually, they forgot the playfully endearing pup!

Yielding to Darkness

I unraveled my dusty luggage of words today,

Humming a melody to blow pain away,

Cautiously, not letting my words become trite,

To dispel the darkness, I let in the light!


Preventing my thoughts from straying into paths malign,

All the while pursuing some kind of a positive sign,

With light, out went darkness and pain followed suit,

Somewhere perhaps, my efforts had borne fruit.


Peace settled in, silencing sadness & its deafening uproar,

I felt intrepid, believing I would regain the shore.

Wafting with the memories, was a sweet scent,

I reminisced about the moments beautifully spent.


I was certain; I could overpower the fears,

Just when a smile was about to meet my tears,

From the memory lane, emerged a rotten stench,

Helplessly despairing, my fists began to clench!


I panicked, as my courage began to retreat,

Surrendering unwillingly, my soul could only bleat,

But the pain went full throttle, like a bolt from the blue,

As light faded, my courage conceded; but pain remained true!

The Validated Existence!

She laughed with them, with no twinkle in her eyes,
Seeking validation, leading a life of lies,
She laughed at the unfunny joke; just not to appear rude…
Loudly she laughed again, lest she be deemed a prude.
The laughter died out soon, so she took her chance this time,
Revealing her inner self, laced with emotions too sublime.
Divulging the true story that masqueraded as a fable,
She flinched, when it received no heads-up at the table…
Pained, she laughed alone, attempting to fit into the frame,
They thought she’d gone crazy; her joke so lame…
Her eyes said all that they never cared to know,
Unmasking her laughter of her hidden woe…
Succumbing to peer-pressure, when she finally grew tired,
Living the unreal life, just some acceptance she desired…

Happy Birthday Aman: An Open, Freestyle Letter to my Bestie

Amandeep Kaur… Things haven’t changed, and would never ever!
I love you to the core ❤



Amandeep Kaur,

Wish you a very happy birthday!

I’ve kept this as natural as possible and you may wonder what was the point of telecasting this account of my feelings on our common blog. It is natural to expect the unexpected from people like me, which I’m so sure you know so well by now. Well yes, I do have a reason for the same and I’m not sure whether it would be convincing enough. In life, we seldom forge bonds or come up with something worth an inspiration. It is rare, however, that I finally found something worth this inspiration in my life at a stage I’d like to call ‘Early’ in some ways. This ‘flaunt-worthy’ achievement however is not solely mine. It is something I share with you- a bond of truth, unabated consistency for a considerable period in my life. It is our friendship that I…

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No Tears – Just A Speck Of Dust!

These aren’t tears; it’s just a speck of dust,

No heartbreak from the years of blind trust,

Nah! I am not about to weep or cry,

There is just something in my eye…

Sadness did not overpower me,

I can still smile with glee…


These aren’t tears; it’s just a speck of dust,

Of course I know it was always just lust,

It was not love, I knew from the start,

I do not cry, I’m strong and smart,

Why at my swollen eyes, do you stare?

They’re red; but why do you care?


These aren’t tears; it’s just a speck of dust,

From old photos and gifts that have started to rust,

I wanted to throw them away for long,

I just forget, as I’ve moved on and I’m strong…

There is just no pain; ask me no more,

As my heart is painted with memories galore…


Those aren’t tears; it’s just a speck of dust,

That brought forth years of pain and broken trust,
An Ocean of emotions buried deep within,

Those painful shrieks that disrupt the din,

The piercing pain of lost love and broken trust,

Let these not be tears; but a speck of dust!


Author Bio: Priyanka Iyer is a content marketer at Tata Business Support Services Ltd. A writer by day and a reader by night, she likes to push the envelope with numerous possibilities in terms of digital marketing, social media and content strategies.



The Losing Contract…


I propose we sign a deal, not usual corporate ones, about which we hear,

But a contract centered on old times of emotions and dreams from yesteryear…

I want to return to that one long card-game we played,

Bunking classes, sifting diamonds from spade,

Losing miserably, never really knowing how to bluff,

Or back to the pool table where chalk dusts made us cough…


Want to lose badly again, just for times of leisure,

With memories of moments spent in blissful pleasure…

Let’s play carom again; I know how badly I’d lose,

Knowing fully, this sorry fate I’d still choose,

For the cool drinks we sipped along,

To hear that 1 funny, random song…


Let’s go have lunch at the Boys’ Hostel Guest Room,

And infect with laughter that place of gloom.

Let’s walk back home from college & find a stone to play football,

And talk for hours while leaning at that brick wall,

Let’s watch back-to-back new releases on Friday,

And brush thoughts about shortage of attendance away…


I want to dance and be thrown out of restaurants again,

And give dirty looks to those who looked at us with disdain!

I want to play with colours, and count how many times I fall down,

You guys can gleefully laugh at me, I promise I won’t frown,

Stain my clothes with mud if you like, but just bring back those days,

I want to make a deal, to re-live those times in a million possible ways…


Call me names for each of my silly mathematical calculation,

I wouldn’t mind how you mimic me with exaggeration,

Just make a deal with me this time,

I need nothing in return, not a single dime.

A deal of 1 day, or even some hours I don’t mind,

To re-live those memories we left behind…




Dedicated to the beautiful people I call my Best Buddies… I miss you ❤


Author Bio: Priyanka Iyer is a content marketer at Tata Business Support Services Ltd. A writer by day and a reader by night, she likes to push the envelope with numerous possibilities in terms of digital marketing, social media and content strategies.


Success… The Scary Seductress!

I loathed hard-work, so I befriended leisure,
Only to realize that she gave me momentary pleasure,
I fell in love with Success, and wanted to make her my queen,
But she didn’t want me as so lazy I had been,
I made peace with hard work, only to win over Success, for a lifetime’s pleasure,
Once she was mine, I again courted leisure,
For days and nights, Success kept on grumbling,
And sometime soon, I saw myself fumbling,
When ‘Success’ was lured away by some other suitor,
With a promise to return with Hard-work in the future!


Author Bio: Priyanka Iyer is a content marketer at Tata Business Support Services Ltd. A writer by day and a reader by night, she likes to push the envelope with numerous possibilities in terms of digital marketing, social media and content strategies.